MLB and NPB Play and Victory

Everyday, there is a game for MLB and NPB and these games do not stop. The moment.  The victory in the games is very hard to attain. Remember? These are master leagues in the history of softball. It is hard to make a score because players are expert, there is a great struggle between the batters, pitchers and defenses. Because of these players go on discovering how they can defeat their opponents. On the contrary, even defense players are too expert in catching balls.

In this case,  runners may always fail to reach their bases. This is why, batters always have to check how their team can reach a home run. Fly ball would always fail to let runners to reach home base. Defense players are too good to catch balls. Victory depends on the focus and determination. What brought victory to players is love and unity. They devote themselves even to the point of injury just to win. This is why someone could win even if its like impossible to win with the skilled opponents.

The moment a team can score is a hope for victory even if there is a single score only. This is why to think of your team members fist before yourself is the only way players can obtain victory. It is not important who will reach the home base. What is important is someone must reach the home base. If you are a batter, you only think of the runner ahead, even if you do not reach the home base.