The Great and Short History of Football

When I was young, I liked playing soccer. Even my older brother keep on escaping at home during his free time just to play soccer. But don’t you know that the football we know is soccer to Americans. Football is first played in Greece, the ancient greeks played a game called Episkyros that have to steal by the Romans and call it Harpustum. When the Romans invade Britain they introduce and bring the game to the locals. Actually, in the earliest form football is more violent and mob-like game. For the players to play, they took the bladder of pig and inflate it that serves as a ball.

There was even a recorded case that head of the human was used as a ball in playing the game. In 1308, there was an incident with an accidentally stabbing a player because of this game and in the year 1363, King Edward III banned the game as it is getting bad but the people keep playing it in secret, visit this site. By the year 1613, King James officially unbanned playing football. In the year 1800’s, English schools though not all starting to make official rules in playing the game.

The Rugby school want it to be played more violent even picking up the ball. However, at that time children can’t play the game due to hectic schedules in working until, despite all this and the persecution of playing the game, many English people start to grow their empire bringing football game around the world until it becomes popular in 1900 that it is added to the Olympics and image source is on the net.