Playoffs Work

How does playoffs work in the Major League Baseball?The major league baseball comprised of two leagues – the American League and the National league. And each league has been divided into three divisions namely, central, eastern and western division.

AL Central Division includes KC Royals, DET Tigers, MIN Twins, CLE Indians and CHI White Sox. BOS Red Sox, NY Yankees, BAL Orioles, TB Rays and TOR Blue Jays belong to AL Eastern Division. Meanwhile, AL Western Division include SEA Mariners, OAK Athletics, TEX Rangers, LA Angels and HOU Astros.

NL Central Division – CIN Reds, CHI Cubs, MIL Brewers, STL Cardinals and PIT Pirates. NL Eastern Division includes MIA Marlins, NY Mets, ATL Braves, WAS National and PHI Phillies. NL Western Division – LA Dodgers, SD Padres, AZ Diamondbacks, SF Giants, COL Rockies.

How is it decided then who goes to the playoffs?

Every division, each one of the six divisions is basically going to have a division champion. It is a team having the best record within each division. Since there are six divisions, automatically, there six teams going to the playoffs. In addition to that, there is what we call wild card. The wild card position decides two teams for each league, usually the best second place of each league so all in all, there are eight teams going for the playoffs.

But starting from 2012, there is an additional in the set up. Two wild cards, one from each league has been proposed to be added, so from 8 teams playing for the playoffs, now, it has become 10 teams.